Getting Started

If you haven’t added your Team Members yet, go back to the Set Up page for those instructions. Otherwise, the videos below provide more detailed instructions for creating tasks and rewards.

Create a Task

Ideas for Tasks

  • Take out the kitchen trash
  • Take garbage cans to / from the curb
  • Pick up bedroom
  • Pack school lunch (night before)
  • Do homework
  • Walk the dog / Feed the dog / Pick up dog waste
  • Feed the cat / Change litter box
  • Load the dishwasher after dinner
  • Empty dishwasher in the morning
  • Clean the insides of the windows
  • Vacuum a room
  • Yardwork (mow, weed, rake)

Create a Reward

Ideas for Rewards

For Any Age Kid

  • Choose what’s for dinner (50 tokens)
  • An extra hour of screen time (50 tokens)
  • Choose the movie for family movie night (100 tokens)
  • New video game for a console or computer (300 tokens)
  • See a Movie (can be a matinee or at a second run theater) (300 tokens)
  • Trip to amusement / water park (500 tokens)

For Younger Kids

  • Have a sleep over (100 tokens)
  • An afternoon of fishing at local pond / lake (100 tokens)
  • Trip to the Zoo – (200 tokens)
  • Trip to Children’s / Science Museum (200 tokens)

For Older Kids

  • Indoor Rock climbing pass (200 tokens)
  • Skateboard park pass (200 tokens)
  • Fun art class (glass blowing, pottery spinning, painting, etc.) (200 tokens)
  • Fun activity class (martial arts, skiing / snowboarding, etc.) (200 tokens)
  • $10 Amazon / iTunes / Google Play gift card (200 tokens)

Rotating Tasks


Coming Soon!